-Raised funds to make a member’s house wheelchair -accessible following a critical accident
-Raised funds for a member’s ongoing battle with cancer.
-Successfully helped member in her legal battle to regain her legal permanent resident status
-Contributed funds to offset funeral expenses for several community members
-Collaborated with The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in hosting Stella Maris Jamaican Dance group to perform a program dedicated to the late Ossie Davis and Oscar winners Morgan Freeman and Jamie Foxx
-Donated Bibles to Jamaica Penal Institutions
-Helped with a displaced child in providing a home in US and also provided airfare to return to Jamaica, along with school supplies and the common necessities for the school year.
-Donated clothing and food supplies to Hurricane Katrina victims
-Collaborated with the Home Depot and their Team Depot in refurbishing a home for the parent of a child with terminal cancer
-Volunteered countless hours to the Boys and Girls club of Dallas
-Volunteered services to the Salvation Army of Dallas annually
-Annual Christmas visits to the Brentwood Nursing home, with our young members to sing Christmas carols and donate gifts to its residents
-Volunteered time annually to the Tremont Nursing home
-Paid travel expenses for a member to render medical assistance during Haiti’s hurricane disaster
-Donated several scholarships to students in college at Midwestern State & Texas A&M Commerce
-Donated $5,000 to Crime Stoppers as reward for the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the murder of DWIU Vice President Robert Lawrence


2001-2002 Lifetime Achievement Award -Mike and Jennifer Burrowes Humanitarian Award -Late Owen Sterling

2002-2003 Lifetime Achievement Award -John Wiley Price (Dallas County Commissioner) Humanitarian Award -Nat Bennett and Alwin Serrant

2003-2004 Lifetime Achievement Award -Elaine (Elaines Kitchen) Humanitarian Award -Mrs. Phyllis Clarke

2004-2005 Lifetime Achievement Award -Curtis King (Director and Founder of “The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc) Humanitarian Award -Dr Carlton Clarke

2005-2006 Humanitarian Award -Gary Reeves (Channel 8 News)

Lifetime Achievement Award -Curtis King (TBAAL Academy Arts & Letters)

2007-2008 Humanitarian Award -Karen Demar

2008-2009 Lifetime Achievement Award -Dr. Randy Glean (Midwestern State University)

2008-2009 Humanitarian Award -Dr. Dudley McFarquhar

2009-2010 Humanitarian Award -Roland Fredricks (Caribbean Grill) Lifetime Achievement Award -Raymond Stewart (Olympics Sprinter)