We promise to serve our association diligently, to work earnestly towards the uplifting of our people, without losing sight of our goals and ideals. Through love, respect, kindness and understanding, we as members of the Dallas West Indies United, thrive to be successful in all our endeavors and to be an example for everyone to see.

God has continued to bless us with love, wisdom and understanding and we promise to use these for the betterment of ourselves, our families, our association and our community.

Dallas West Indies United. We are proud to be members. We love you and promise to always be your loyal servants. All for one and one for all, we stand united with love.


-Raised funds to make a member’s house wheelchair -accessible following a critical accident
-Raised funds for a member’s ongoing battle with cancer.
-Successfully helped member in her legal battle to regain her legal permanent resident status
-Contributed funds to offset funeral expenses for several community members
-Collaborated with The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in hosting Stella Maris Jamaican Dance group to perform a program dedicated to the late Ossie Davis and Oscar winners Morgan Freeman and Jamie Foxx
-Donated Bibles to Jamaica Penal Institutions
-Helped with a displaced child in providing a home in US and also provided airfare to return to Jamaica, along with school supplies and the common necessities for the school year.
-Donated clothing and food supplies to Hurricane Katrina victims
-Collaborated with the Home Depot and their Team Depot in refurbishing a home for the parent of a child with terminal cancer
-Volunteered countless hours to the Boys and Girls club of Dallas
-Volunteered services to the Salvation Army of Dallas annually
-Annual Christmas visits to the Brentwood Nursing home, with our young members to sing Christmas carols and donate gifts to its residents
-Volunteered time annually to the Tremont Nursing home
-Paid travel expenses for a member to render medical assistance during Haiti’s hurricane disaster
-Donated several scholarships to students in college at Midwestern State & Texas A&M Commerce
-Donated $5,000 to Crime Stoppers as reward for the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the murder of DWIU Vice President Robert Lawrence


2001-2002 Lifetime Achievement Award -Mike and Jennifer Burrowes Humanitarian Award -Late Owen Sterling

2002-2003 Lifetime Achievement Award -John Wiley Price (Dallas County Commissioner) Humanitarian Award -Nat Bennett and Alwin Serrant

2003-2004 Lifetime Achievement Award -Elaine (Elaines Kitchen) Humanitarian Award -Mrs. Phyllis Clarke

2004-2005 Lifetime Achievement Award -Curtis King (Director and Founder of “The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc) Humanitarian Award -Dr Carlton Clarke

2005-2006 Humanitarian Award -Gary Reeves (Channel 8 News)

Lifetime Achievement Award -Curtis King (TBAAL Academy Arts & Letters)

2007-2008 Humanitarian Award -Karen Demar

2008-2009 Lifetime Achievement Award -Dr. Randy Glean (Midwestern State University)

2008-2009 Humanitarian Award -Dr. Dudley McFarquhar

2009-2010 Humanitarian Award -Roland Fredricks (Caribbean Grill) Lifetime Achievement Award -Raymond Stewart (Olympics Sprinter)