About Us


It is the vision of DWIU and its members to embrace, celebrate, share and educate our cultural differences by volunteering, contributing, educating our community and the world at large of what makes us unique.


We promise to serve our association diligently, to work earnestly towards the uplifting of our people, without losing sight of our goals and ideals. Through love, respect, kindness and understanding, we as members of the Dallas West Indies United, thrive to be successful in all our endeavors and to be an example for everyone to see.

God has continued to bless us with love, wisdom and understanding and we promise to use these for the betterment of ourselves, our families, our association and our community.

Dallas West Indies United. We are proud to be members. We love you and promise to always be your loyal servants. All for one and one for all, we stand united with love.


DWIU was formed in Nov 2001 by a small group of West Indian/ Carribbean American Patriotic who saw a need within their prospective Dallas Fort Worth communities to aid the needy and less fortunate West Indian assimilate in their new environment and to expand cultural awareness by celebrating our West Indian heritage, culture, foods, festivals and traditional holidays.

 The initial founding fathers Roy LaBeach, Harold (Mike) Borrows and Owen Sterling (deceased) sons of the West Indian community saw the needs to foster a harmonious relationship among the West Indian and Carribbean people living in DFW and to reshape the negative image being portrayed in the media at the time, by rectifying the misconceptions of our neighbours and countrymen. They wanted to defy the odds by demonstrating their ability, mobilize and most importantly could live and work in one accord.

 The idea was sold to some civic-minded West Indians who came together and formed a steering committee and within a 10 weeks period of meeting weekly were able to create the initial organizational by-laws, guidelines, logo, motto, creed, organizational hierarchy  and and meeting location.  

 Special credit to the initial steering committee members:- Roy LaBeach (Chairman) Robert Lawrence (Secretary) Delroy Eubanks (Sergeant Of Arms) Keith Burrows, Harrold Burrows, Andrew Dillion, Alan Donaldson, Glanville (Cap)Evans, Altimond Henry, Keith Harrison, Patrick Lee, Roy Lee, Errold Eubanks, Slim Augustine and Maria Lawrence who on November 14,2001 convened the very first official meeting of Dallas West Indies United (DWIU) and whose visions and insites have led us to an organization where global citizenship, patriotism, community volunteering, philanthropy are celebrated and welcome for one and all regardless of one’s country of birth. 


Since our inception in 2001 the majority of DWIU mission was and continues to be to help our brothers and sisters, be it here in the USA or back home in the West Indies. As we continue on this journey of Lending A Hand we have sought out and partner with other great organizations to help share the burden. To this we highlight a few of our accomplishments.


Be it the skill hands of our Medical Professionals to heal those with complicated medical issues. Ongoing

The knowledge and skills of our builders, carpenters, plumbers and other labourers to re-habitat homes for the less fortunate or disaster remodel after numerous major hurricane. Ongoing

The blood from our members for the annual Carter and Red Cross blood drive. Ongoing

The annual donation of christmas present, parayes and carol for the shut in a Brentwood Nursing Home in East Dallas TX and Treatment Nursing Home. Ongoing

The homes and transportation for families who cannot afford the cost of hotel stay when taking their loved ones for treatment in the local hospitals from the Caribbean region. Ongoing

Spearheading the cost of numerous lunch programs and basic schools needs in a number of West Indian countries. Ongoing

The helping hands our members to feed the less fortunate at the Salvation Army of Dallas semi annually. Ongoing

DWIU annual cancer awareness in partnership with the American Cancer Society to raise funds to find the cure for cancer. Ongoing

Donate Bible to several Penal institute in Jamaica. Ongoing

Collaboration with The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in hosting Stella Maris Jamaican Dance group performance annually in a program dedicated to the memory of Ossie Davis.

DWIU annual Scholarship drive where several students of West Indies heritage and students in any of the international relationship club can compete for scholarship. Ongoing

Donated $5,000 to Crime Stoppers as reward for the arrest and conviction of persons responsible for the murder of Vice President Robert Lawrence 2010.

 Its is through the efforts of our members, partners and sponsors that we are able to provide assistance, be it monetary or in kind in the sum of approximately $28,000,000.00


There is no West Indian on this earth that when drum beats of the calypso music, the lyrics of reggae signer is heard whose legs does not want to join in and dance. Yes, DWIU maintains a full calendar of activities that entails all the dominoes you can play, the Ludo tables and all the board games as you dance the night away. SEE the CALENDAR for a list of current Activities.